Strategist by way of Art Historian

My story starts with a lie.  When I was 5 my parents tricked me into art museums with the promise of hanging out with Ninja Turtles.  I always fell for it.  While I never got to scarf pizza with Mikey and Raf, I did discover a passion for the arts, particularly the Italian Renaissance.

I love studying art because every piece has a unique story and context.  I've found that appreciation and understanding of these stories is very akin to strategy.


Don’t think I’m all frescoes and triptychs…

Having lived in 21 homes in 28 years, spanning 7 states and 4 countries, I have no idea what to say when asked the simple question, “Where are you from?”  On the upside, I’ve learned to thrive in new and unexpected environments, and my nomadic life has led to a wide-ranging set of interests and experiences.


Conversation Starters

When not at the Brandcenter, I spend my free time mentoring some of the bravest kids in Richmond and scouring gay literature for kernels of success and happiness to share with my friends.

From my pop culture obsessions I have concluded that I was not meant to have daughters because I would saddle those poor girls with names like Zelda Beyoncé, Caprica Khaleesi, and Angela Lansbury Schaefer.

Last Fall I won the 2013 Brandcenter Talent Show….Actually, never mind, let’s not talk about that.